Virginia War Memorial is looking for people who served in the Persian Gulf War

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July 13, 2020

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The Virginia War Memorial would like to partner with the VFW in finding a veteran to interview for our new Eyewitness to History series. In August, we are focusing on the 30th anniversary of the Persian Gulf War and would like to interview someone who experienced combat/deployment. The interview would be livestreamed through Zoom and the public would register to view the program. We would send the interviewee questions before the program so they can get familiarized with them. rt will be recorded and serve as a great resource for teachers/students/anyone!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions!

So, if you know someone who might be a good fit that is in the VFW let me know and I will forward the contact info off to you.

James Michael Dunham (Mike)
Post Quartermaster
USMC 1986-2010

Post 6364 Richmond Virginia
6502 Dickens Place Richmond Virginia 23230