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June 29, 2023

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Commander’s Message

The warm weather has arrived and yard work is full speed ahead. Grass is growing, flowers blooming and shrubs need trimming. All kinds of critters are moving around so be very careful and watch where you step and put your hands. Also, it is the season for poison oak, ivy and sumac. The Post could use your assistance with keeping our grounds looking nice and attractive. It takes a lot of work to maintain our property. If you have a little spare time, please contact Phil Hudson and let him know when you are available.
The Post Memorial Day event was very nice and included remembering those who have gone before us, the playing of TAPS, and a fun lunch with fellow comrades and their families.
The Post was well represented at the Department Convention in Portsmouth, VA on 1-4 June. Everyone came back with useful information that will help the Post continue to excel. Post 9808 received an award for Community Service and also received the William T. (Bill) Allen Hospital Award. We also were recognized for achieving All State. These awards take a lot of work during the year and the entire Post Team working as one. Thank you all for being a part of the Post 9808 Team.

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July Post Photo
At the Department Convention, Commander Wollett, Junior Vice Hudson & Quartermaster Smith presented a check to District 11 Commander Patrick in support of the Valley Veterans Ride.