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November 29, 2023

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Commander’s Message

The Holiday Season is here and the festivities have begun. Is your tree up and decorated? Is your house decorated? How about the shopping? Is it complete or have you even started? Hopefully by the time you receive his newsletter, I will be mostly ready for Santa to make a surprise visit. I ask with all the hustle and bustle that you not forget the true meaning of this Holiday Season, the Birth of Christ.

Post 9808 had several wonderful events this past month. I hope you were able to attend one or more of them. We started the month with our Saturday Breakfast Buffet which is the best deal in town. There were many Veterans Day Ceremonies at our local schools and churches that we had Members participate in i.e. St Gertrude’s School, Washington-Henry Elementary School, Bell Creek Middle School, Shady Grove Methodist Church and New Kent Baptist Church, just to name a few. On Veterans Day, I had the honor of laying the wreath at Hanover Veterans Memorial where I was escorted by Comrade Lankford. There were several Post Members in attendance and it was a wonderful Ceremony and an honor to be a part of this Program. Later on Veterans Day, Post 9808 had a brief Program honoring all Veterans followed by a yummy Pig Roast and Luau.
This month, December, everyone will be busy as you get ready for Santa but try your best to come to the Post Christmas Party. There will be scrumptious food, fun games, maybe some caroling and even a possible visit from ‘ole Saint Nick himself. Make sure to RSVP.

There are still State Calendars for sale in the Social Quarters for $20. Your name is entered in a drawing where you just might win between $50 and $1000. If you are one of the lucky winners, your name goes back in for a chance of winning again. Support the State of Virginia and buy several calendars. They make great gifts.

Don’t forget to continue recruiting new members and reminding current annual members to remain in good standing by staying current with their dues. Better yet, encourage them to switch to Life Membership. Our task this year is to meet 102%. I am confident we can make it. Every Veteran Counts and it is all our responsibility to reach out to them.

Check on each other during this Holiday Season. It’s difficult being alone and just maybe a few minutes phone call or visit will brighten someone’s day. Young and old get lonely and depressed. Make a difference in someone’s day.

The Post needs help with bingo. As you are aware, bingo is played Wednesday and Friday nights. I’m not asking that you come every time the doors open, but it would be a big help if you could come from time to time. Just let us know ahead of time. See the Bingo Manager, Coretta Lankford, if you can help. It would be much appreciated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Team Veterans,

Doris Wollett

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