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April 8, 2022

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Spring has arrived with flowers blooming and trees budding. Grass will soon need to be cut and leaves have got to be gotten up. Be careful as you begin this work. You never know what might be hiding in those
leaves or under something that is just laying around waiting for you to pick it up. I for one am allergic to
yellow jackets. I try to always have an epi pen nearby.

We had an outstanding time at the Saint Patrick’s Dinner here at the Post. Cassie and her staff did amazing with a delicious meal of Irish stew, soda bread, salad and dessert and Lola’s tasty punch!! We had a leprechaun hunt and a fifty-fifty drawing. You need to start attending our special events. Everyone has lots of fun!!

Nominations were held at the Post Meeting on 10 March. The following individuals were nominated to the positions of:
 Commander – Doris Wollett and Ray Otto
 Senior Vice Commander – Paul Smith Junior Vice Commander – Phil Hudson
 Quartermaster – Joanne Smith
 Chaplain – Thomas Bynum
 3rd Year Trustee – Ron Scoville and Cole Winkler
 3rd Year Club Committee – Ed Mann

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Post 9808 will have a Shred-It Event on 9 July 2022 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm here at the Post. This event is for Members and community residents so please share the date with your family and friends.