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April 3, 2023

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Spring has sprung!! With spring comes warmer weather, flowers blooming and lots of yardwork. The beauty of the earth is all around us. Help take care of the environment any wayyou can. It takes all of us to make it happen. Be careful as you begin your outdoor work asyou don’t know what is hiding in the leaves or beneath what you reach for. If you are likeme and have allergies, you may need to keep an epi pen close by. It’s always better to besafe than sorry.
Saint Patrick’s Day was a success at the Post. A large group of Members and their guestscame by and enjoyed a traditional corn beef and cabbage dinner. It was a pleasure tohave former State Commander Butch Schupska and current Senior Vice CommanderGary Adams join us.
The Shred It Truck will be at the Post on 29 April from 9 am to 12 pm. Bring yourpapers/documents to dump into the truck. All paper is acceptable but do not dump binders
or boxes. You can place them in the garbage receptacle by the garage. Spread the wordwith your neighbors and friends as this is a community event.
Applications for the Family Education Scholarship Program must be submitted by the lastbusiness day of April. This year that day is 28 April. This is a wonderful way to help yourchild or grandchild pursue their educational career. Stepchildren and step grandchildrenare also eligible to receive this scholarship.
Nominations were held at the Post Meeting on 9 March. The following individuals werenominated to the positions of:

  • Doris Wollett and Ray Otto
    Senior Vice Commander
  • Paul Smith
    Junior Vice Commander
  • Phil Hudson and Thomas Bynum
  • Joanne Smith
    1st Year Trustee
  • Ray Dawson
    3rd Year Trustee
  • Paul Kelley
    Please come by the Post on 13 April between 4 pm and 6 pm to cast your ballot for thesepositions. The normal monthly meeting will be held at 7:30 pm.
    We are working hard to become All American and All State again this year. To make thishappen, it takes every member. Annual members, please either go online to pay yourdues, mail them to the Post, or come by and we can assist you paying online. We need tomake 100% plus 1 to make it. Every member is an asset and important to Post 9808. Ifyou are already a Life Member, please consider becoming a Legacy Life Member.
    Lastly, I have been nominated for Commander for the upcoming year. It would be anhonor to once again lead this Post and continue to do great things not just for PostMembers, but all Veterans. Also, to do things within the community and support our youththrough the different programs the VFW and local schools have. Your support is muchappreciated.
    Team Veterans,
    Doris Wollett, Commander
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9808 Auxiliary members have been making Easter tray Favors for the hospitalized and homeless veterans in Richmond.