December Commander Message

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December 1, 2019

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December is upon us and the new year is just around the corner. Everyone will soon be running to and fro: errands, shopping, de-liveries, and pick-ups. Everyone is busy and running. If you find yourself in the Bell Creek shopping area (Wal-Mart, Target, BJ’s, Home Depot, Old Navy, etc.) stop in to your Post and grab a bite to eat. Your Post kitchen beats all the nearby fast-casual joints hands down. And the prices in your family friendly Post won’t, can’t nor shan’t be beat. Kids 12 and under eat free all the time!

Speaking of “everyone is busy and running”, the regular volun-teers in the club and bingo have things to do too. We sure could use some new bodies in the Post to help out. None of the work we do in the Post is difficult, physically or mentally. You just have to be willing to step up and offer a few hours of your time. The same 15 to 20 people can’t keep on doing everything in the Post year-round. Pitch in and help your Post be a shining star in the Me-chanicsville community and the VFW. We don’t begrudge the working woman or man. We honor your labor at your jobs and careers. Nor do we begrudge our retired members. We know you have earned this time to relax and take it easy with family and friends. I work a full-time job myself, 40 hours a week, Monday thru Friday with the occasional overtime shift tossed in. I know it can be difficult at times to contribute to the betterment of our post, but I do the best I can. You know my favorite ancient Chinese proverb, “Many hands make light work!”

There will not be a visit to Lonesome Dove this month. There will however be a Pearl Harbor remembrance event at the Virginia War Memorial on the 7th, at 11:00a.m. All are invited to attend. The Mechanicsville Christmas Parade will take place on the 8th. Our color guard will march, and other post members may tag along too. See Color Guard Captain Sean Kennedy if you want to march with the Post in the parade. On the 11th, we will host a Christmas get-together event at McGuire hospital. Our Wreaths-Across-America event at Cold Harbor National Cemetery will kick off at high noon on the 14th. We will take the bus over as there is little parking at the cemetery. Our Post Christmas Party will immediately follow.

The party starts at 3 pm, dress will be casual. There will be an Ugly Sweater/Shirt contest. Tickets are $10/person and must be purchased in advance. The money will be donated to the Hanover County Christmas Mother. The logic behind this is that those working at the cemetery event wouldn’t want to go home to change clothes and come back to the Post to party. All members and family are invited to the Post Christmas party whether you work at the cemetery or not.

The Saturday breakfast is on December 21st and will be salt herring. The price will be $10.

The New Year’s Eve party will be from 7 to midnight. There will be a DJ, dinner, music, games. Tickets are $10/person and must be purchased in advance. Tickets purchased at the door are $20.

ATTENTION ANNUAL MEMBERS: From national headquarters, if you upgrade to Life member, you’ll earn a $50 credit to the VFW store, now through June 2020.

And with that, I bid you Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Kwanzaa, Cheerful Winter Solstice and a wonderful Festivus for the rest of us.

Keep your powder dry,

Cole Winkler Senior Vice Commander